Hi! I’m Dan.

I’m a musician, producer, and educator.

 I’ve released 3 full length albums and 4 EPs via Oceanographic Records. You can find those here.

Working in collaboration with other musicians has always been a passion of mine. I have had the privilege of doing that with some very fine humans in the studio and also long distance (thanks Technology!). I love music production and I have been nerding out on that scene for over 20 years. Making records, scoring music for films, podcasts, commercials…I enjoy it all! If you are interested in working together, contact me at

Over the last couple of years I have deepened my practice as a guitar player by incorporating a unique and powerful set up for live looping that all of the latest technology affords us as players. The layers of sound and textures we can create seem almost limitless. But this only works if we know how to listen and respond in the moment! Much of this has been documented on my YouTube channel. I update that weekly and you can find me and subscribe here.

As a gear nerd, I love the process of putting together a rig and working out the details to chase down a sound. Through those deep dives, what I have seen over and over - in live and recorded settings - is that no matter how great or simple the set up and gear, LISTENING is actually the most important part of the signal chain.

That’s why I am offering my first digital course this year; Learning to Listen. This program will help you deepen your practice as a musician and collaborator. To get a taste of what’s to come, and to stay in the loop of the course offerings, download the PDF I created on Dynamics and Tone.

In addition to all of these projects, I love my wife, kids, running, plant based food, COFFEE, sci-fi and the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. I feel thankful to be on the planet the same time you are. Let’s connect! I’d love to hear from you on your favorite social platform or, as always, you can reach out directly at

Musician | Producer | Texturalist