Learning to Listen to Your Sound and Develop Your Voice on the Electric Guitar

Guitar Speak is my online course for guitarists who want to develop a more masterful approach to the sound they create on the guitar ,and their ability to harness the unique qualities of every guitar and amp. It’s not a course about WHAT to play, it’s a course about HOW to play. It’s for guitarists who want to discover their sound, and want to learn to sound like themselves on any instrument. For more information, please visit the Guitar Speak website.

How to Grow as a Guitar Player in 15 Minutes A Day

Are you having trouble finding time to get better as a guitarist? Not sure what to do with a busy life? Or are you feeling stuck in a creative dry spell? I’ve been there, too! I created a FREE, 5 day mini-course to share the tools I used to deal with this exact issue. It’s called “Grow as a Guitar Player in 15 Minutes a Day.” Click here to get it.