Hi! I’m Dan.

 I’m a guitarist, producer, composer, and teacher. I’m all about creativity, and inspiration. Improvisation and discovery are major parts of my process. I like to be surprised! 

I’ve released 3 full length albums (two on beautiful vinyl) and 4 EP’s via Oceanographic Records. Go here to check those out. Some of these are ensemble projects (such as Modular, with Matt Chamberlain and Viktor Krauss). Most recently I released VESSEL, a single album-length improvisation for guitar and laptop.

I’ve been posting weekly on YouTube for a few years now. Through that, I discovered that I have a lot of experience and insight to share with other guitarists…particularly when it comes to learning to listen to the sound you are creating on the instrument. I show up on Instagram a couple times a week to answer questions - follow me @danpmusic. In addition to that I created a free course called “How to Grow as a Guitar Player in 15 Minutes a Day” as I have discovered that 15 minutes of intentional practice has the power to truly transform your playing. For an even deeper dive, there’s Guitar Speak, and you can learn more about it here. I also give one-on-one lessons and consultations online.

Over the last 25 years I’ve worked as a freelance guitarist (Tori Amos), producer (David Wilcox, Claire Holley), and composer for hire. I often work out of my home studio on beautiful Bainbridge Island, outside of Seattle, WA. I’d love to help you with your music. .

Thanks so much for reading. My hope is to continue to create content that inspires you on your creative journey. Please feel free to email me about (almost) anything at hello@danphelps.com