Modular is a milestone project for me. Collaborating with Matt Chamberlain and Viktor Krauss, first improvising together, and then refining the best of those spontaneous moments, was inspiring, challenging, and educational. Matt and I had our laptops sync'd while we were recording, so a lot of the textures and drum effects were actually a part of the improvisation.

There are lots of things I love about this record. Matt's drumming is gorgeous and evocative throughout, particularly on tracks like Creeper Vine and Cumulonimbus. Viktor's bass playing is so right, so patient, and effortless sounding, in spite of it's depth. A very special, standout moment for me is Eyvind Kang's viola solo on the closing track, Ocean Shelf. It still makes the hair on the back of neck stand up.

This album was beautifully recorded and mixed by one of my most long-term collaborators Martin Woodlee.


Spirits Drifted started many years ago as an obsession with the idea of buying old records and hearing music that has never been digitized. Analog sound, all the way from the source to my record player. Out of that (and the epic Recording the Beatles book by Kevin Ryan and Brian Kehew) grew the desire try working experimentally in the analog realm, to experience the challenges that my musical forefathers had faced in the pursuit of new sounds. Kind of like the desire to experience growing your own food in the era of the supermarket, I wanted to see how staying in the analog realm would shape not only the results, but my appreciation for them.

This EP is also a collaboration with musician/visual artist/savant Austin Willis. It's largely built around our performances together, his words, and his voice. This record is not about achieving some sort of retro aesthetic. It's really about pushing the limits of a certain set of constraints, pushing the boundaries of a particular set of tools. And also having a lot of fun in the process.


The sound of a man (*me*) enjoying himself immensely. This EP has everything. Feral twang. Menacing Psychedlia. Filmic ambience. Pseudo-Middle Eastern pop melodies. Enough low-end to rattle your fillings.

I do a lot of subtle, non-guitar sounding guitar playing, and there's a little bit of that on this release, but I really wanted to play some raw, raucous guitar...to hit the canvas with gashes of flung neon paint. To make some big musical gestures. I tried to play with abandon and allow the different kinds of odd music I love to freely seep into these pieaces.

Death Under Rainbows was recorded very non-linearly, at different times, and in different locations, like musical collage. Contributors include drummers Steve Brewster, Blair Sinta, Aaron Steele, and James McAlister, and bass players Matt Pierson and Viktor Krauss. It was very expertly pummeled into submission by the excellent mixing of Joel Hamilton.

OR004 - ARC

Arc is a blend of everything I’m about, musically speaking. It pulls together threads from my previous releases (Modular, Spirits Drifted, and Death Under Rainbows) and takes several big steps forward

Arc started with improvisation at it’s core. The original sessions were with drummers Jim Keltner and James McAlister. I played guitar and baritone guitar, live processing and looping. This raw material was the basis for the 8 pieces that make up the record.

It’s also awash in the talents of Jon Evans on bass, Steve Moore on keys and trombone, and Michael Iveson on drums. Roger Joseph Manning Jr. wrote the wonderfully textural arrangements for a string octet.

Some of it sounds like an alternate-reality Booker T and the MG’s. Some of it sounds like Elvin Jones playing in a 70’s prog band. Some of it is challenging. Some of it is really beautiful. I'm immensely proud of this record.

OR005 - eighttwentytwo

On August 22nd 2016 Steve Moore, Dan Phelps, and Blair Sinta improvised together as a trio for the first time in front of an audience in Seattle, WA. This is a document of what occurred as they traveled into the very depths of the unknown, peeled back the veil of mystery, and exposed the ancient secrets of the universe.


VESSEL is a snap shot of one moment on a continuing journey in search of losing track of time. **BONUS EXPERIMENTAL IDEA** As a fun experiment I want to offer either a unique one-of-a-kind recorded improvisation OR a one-hour Skype session to anyone who pre-orders and chooses to pay $100 or more. Your choice!