A few weeks ago I got a last minute request from my friends John at Ronin Guitars and Chris at Benson Amps: would I be willing to drive down to Portland and be the resident-guitar-player guy at an event dubbed Guitarmageddon? Uh, Sure! 

With little foreknowledge of what would transpire, I showed up with my pedalboard. John brought several guitars with him, including their new Morningstar model (which is their fantastic take on the classic Strat platform) and Chris had a pile of amps available. It ended up being a lovely few hours of hanging out, playing, and talking shop with fellow guitar nerds from the greater Portland area. Good vibes.

Here's a clip of a black Mirari model that was fantastic.

And here's a very one-of-a-kind Phoenix model with a ridiculously great sounding single goldfoil pickup.