Meet the Shows of September!

Earth People! Specifically, people of Seattle, please pay attention. Everyone else...take a breather, I'll holler at you later. Let me tell you about some shows coming up in the immediate future.

Firstly, I'll be playing in a line up with Dwight Smith, Heddwen, Coach Phillips at the Rendezvous on Tuesday, September 19. Find more info here. 

Next up!

This should be an interesting experiment, if you will. On September 29th at 7pm I'll be playing a *show* at Bainbridge Yoga's what I wrote about it for their website:

In Western culture we’ve pretty much pigeonholed music into a few narrow categories…entertainment, soundtrack, sonic wall paper. However, in other cultures, music has meaning in many other realms…ritual, ceremony, healing, worship. It’s for more than just working out to or selling products. It can serve deep, healing, meditative purposes…

I’d like to create a space to use music as a platform for introspection, relaxation, exploration, and healing. Interesting enough to engage the conscious, noisy, busy mind…so that (hopefully) the sub-conscious has some freedom to roam and bring up things that need to be brought up…

What would it mean to you to be able to take an hour to lay down, let beautiful sound wash over you and peel off at least the top layer of weight that the world has heaped on you? Think of it as an act of defiance against every alert or buzzing of your iPhone. An act of resistance against the forces that demand you divide your attention in 17 different ways every minute. When we’ve all been assaulted by work, news, life, stress…We’ll use improvised sound to generate a bubble of timelessness in a world that increasingly demands more of our time and attention.

Lay down comfortably. Slow your heart rate. Be washed by sound and music. Experience timelessness. A form of meditation. A long breath to transition from the week to the weekend.

I've been wanting to do something like this for a long time, and I'm thrilled to get to try it out at Bainbridge Yoga House, which is a beautiful and familiar space. 

I hope to see you there!

Now...for everyone else...there's more good stuff going up on my YouTube Channel every week. If you check it out and enjoy what you see, please like the videos, leave comments, and subscribe! Dig this video about one of my favorite instruments, Tornado #1 by Saul Koll:

As always...thanks for your time, and be well!