Real Talk with Chris Benson of Benson Amps!

As promised, here is my conversation with my good friend Chris Benson, founder and designer of Benson Amps in Portland, OR. It's a good listen - we get to hear him talk about unexpectedly being a business owner and manger, his view on the insane amounts of hype in the guitar amp world, and how exactly he defines what a "good" guitar player is. If you want the full immersive experience, then watch it early in the morning with your first cup of coffee!

This is the first in what (I hope) will be a series of conversations with interesting people doing irrational things. If you like this, please feel free to share it, and please subscribe to my YouTube Channel.  Who are your favorite makers in the music world that you think should be highlighted? Leave me a note in the comments or email me back and give me your ideas!

Things I have been enjoying late...some music with lots of space! Blueberry Blonde is a wonderful EP by Adam Levy and Jay Bellerose that just delights me. It's all good, but the song This Is Our House really, really knocked me out when I first heard it. Basically, two of the tastiest musicians in a room together making beautiful music.

...aaaand on the other end of the spectrum, some beautifully dense music from guitarist and film composer Lyle Workman on his record Harmonic Crusader. Holy cats, that guy can PLAY, and it's not your typical guitar album shred. It's gnarly, super fun, and ever shifting. Be brave...check out Ruckus Maximus.

Be well,