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Portland, OR - Fly Awake Tea Garden

  • Fly Awake Tea Garden 909 North Beech Street Portland, OR, 97227 United States (map)

Join intrepid sonic explorers Alex Callenberger, Steve Moore, Dan Phelps and Daniel Steele as they steep a heady brew of musical improvisation. 

February 26, 2017

Fly Awake Tea Garden
909 N Beech St.
Portland, OR 97227

Show at 7pm.

Avant-garde guitarist, Alex Callenberger is producing mind-melting aural canvases, under the unassuming cloud cover of Portland, OR. Honest in his approach, Callenberger draws from a genius palette of tasty tones to unveil a hidden kingdom of breathtaking sound. With the intuition of an adept wizard, he layers lush swells and ethereal decays that evoke cathartic self-discovery in even the most distant listener. Drones, clear silent spaces, textures and sonic artifacts create welcoming soundscapes complete with fireplace, chair and writing pad for recording newfound ambitions.
“Musical intelligence and ability, this esteemed is a rare gem, unique and afforded with many intricacies. Never afraid to be frenzied or subdued, violent or pastoral, confessional or confusing, Alex Callenberger is sharp like a blade and fuzzy like a peach."

Steve Moore (aka Stebmo) is a multi-instrumentalist hailing from Seattle, WA. Known as a pianist, with a love for wurlitzers, casiotones and bells, he is also a trombonist and composer. As a studio musician and sideman, he has a resume that reads like a cult top-10 list with artists as diverse as songwriter Sufjan Stevens, jazz hero Bill Frisell and black metal mavericks sunnO))).

Dan Phelps is an artist/guitarist/producer living in Seattle, WA. His improvisation based work travels deep into the nuance of texture and timbre. His releases include Modular, a collaboration with Matt Chamberlain and Viktor Krauss, and his latest release, Arc, which is built on improvisations with drumming legend Jim Keltner. For his live performances he improvises walls of ambience and shifting textures, moving seamlessly from abstract sheets of celestial sound, roots guitar, and astringent noise.